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What’s a Meat Collective?

A Meat Collective is a one-of-a-kind meat school and community resource that offers hands-on classes to consumers in whole-animal butchery, cookery, and charcuterie, as well as on-farm slaughter. Think of it as a kind of community garden but for meat, or a butcher shop where the customers get to stand side by side with the butchers and producers. For each Meat Collective class, local farmers sell whole animals to students who in turn learn from seasoned butchers and chefs how to transform a whole carcass into food. Students go home with a lot of good meat and increasingly rare knowledge. Chefs and butchers share their craft. And farmers sell directly to consumers who support humane and sustainable farming practices. The result? A growing community of informed omnivores in favor of responsible meat production and consumption in America.

Interested in Launching a Local Meat Collective?

First thing’s first. Get in touch with us! We’ll set up a phone meeting to learn more about your goals, background, and location as well as the resources and knowledge you’ve already got in your quiver, which will better inform us on how to help you. You’ll hang up with a clear idea of what it takes to launch a Meat Collective and a little bit of homework.

Next you get access to the Mighty Meat Collective Startup Guide, an ebook written by Camas Davis, founder of the original Meat Collective in Portland, Oregon. This 95-page manifesto guides prospective Meat Collective leaders on how to:

  • Navigate federal and state meat regulations
  • Hire class instructors
  • Find kitchen space
  • Assess potential Meat Collective farmers
  • Advertise and market classes
  • Get media attention
  • Build a brand
  • Create a sustainable business model
  • And much more

While you work to launch your Meat Collective, we provide ongoing advice and training for free. Ready to get started? Email us.

Meat Collectives Across America

Portland Meat Collective

Owner: Camas Davis
Portland, Oregon
Founded 2010
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Seattle Meat Collective

Owner: Brandi Henderson
Seattle, Washington
Founded 2014
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Gainesville Meat Collective

Owner: Angela Minno
Gainesville, Florida
Founded 2014
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Central Texas Meat Collective

Owners: Julia Poplawsky & Leah Gibson
Austin, Texas
Founded 2016
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Eugene Meat Collective

Owner: Jonathan Tepperman
Eugene, Oregon
Founded 2016
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Montana Meat Collective

Owner: Alan Michaud
Helena, Montana
Founded 2017
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Northern Colorado Meat Collective

Owner: Erica Gagne Glaze
Fort Collina, Colorado
Founded 2017
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Chicago Meat Collective

Owner: McCullough Kelly-Willis
Chicago, Illinois
Founded 2018
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Appalachian Meat Collective (Lick Skillet Farm)

Founder: Alex Miller (AMC is a nonprofit)
New Market, TN
Founded 2019
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Denver Meat Collective

Founder: Danielle Davis
Denver, CO
Founded 2019
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