Good Meat Project

Good Meat Manifesto

We insist on an honest and transparent approach to meat.

We insist that consumers have access to a transparent and honest meat production system. Currently, most of us are subject to the manufactured divide between meat production and its end product. Our programs educate about industry dangers and injustices, expand consumers’ choices, and shift conversations towards diverse, innovative, and equitable solutions. Education is a first step in building a healthier, more responsible, respectful, diverse, and ecologically sound food system, one that puts the needs of people who produce, distribute, and consume food at its heart, rather than the demands of markets and corporations.


We foster diverse conversations about Good Meat.

We believe all people have the right to healthy and culturally-appropriate food produced through ecologically sound methods. Our programs bring together and amplify diverse cultural voices, in order to counter the misinformation and reductive thinking that silences too many people and points of view on the subjects of agriculture and meat. Our goal is to facilitate, listen to, and share meaningful dialogue about culturally-appropriate food and farming methods, placed firmly within their historical contexts. We bring together seeders, feeders and eaters to share and learn about an array of farming, slaughtering, butchering, and cooking practices that support and expand our understanding of good meat and its importance. Through education, research, and advocacy, we provide a platform for honest, transparent conversations ensuring a multitude of voices define Good Meat.


We honor artisanal and cultural traditions that support Good Meat.

For millennia, the intimate knowledge of whole-animal butchery and utilization techniques has passed from generation to generation, person to person. But the industrialized meat system has disrupted this lineage of skilled craftspeople, who support a more balanced and responsible system of meat production, as well as a culture of reverent, respectful, informed meat consumption. As the global meat supply chain is increasingly defined by speed, efficiency, division of labor, consolidation, and commodification, artisanal meat crafts continue to decline, to the detriment of tradition, quality, and responsible practices. We connect craftspeople who are rooted in distinct cultural traditions and regional approaches to food, to butchers, cooks, and other food professionals, who are committed to learning and then applying this valuable knowledge, in order to ensure these artisanal methods are not lost forever. 


We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills that support Good Meat.

We believe that everyone is entitled to understand the often confusing ways that meat gets to our tables. We also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to take part in the basic processes that get meat to our tables, if they so choose. To this end, we offer educational experiences that share reliable information on animal husbandry, humane slaughter, whole animal butchery, and whole animal utilization.


We stand with a growing and inclusive network of Good Meat ambassadors

The future of our planet depends on innovative, equitable solutions that integrate holistic land management, honorable animal husbandry, modern economies of scale, technological efficiencies, and culturally-appropriate approaches to producing and consuming food. This requires a range of thought, knowledge, and lived experiences that can only be provided by a diverse community of land stewards, craftspeople, and consumers. We aim to be valuable members of this community by learning and listening, as well as sharing resources and information with fellow and future Good Meat™ ambassadors. We want many more people learning about, talking about, caring about, and enjoying Good Meat. 


We built the Good Meat Breakdown as a jumping off point for consumers who want to find, buy and cook Good Meat. Check it out!

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