Good Meat Project

What is Good Meat?

  • Good Meat means caring for land, animals, and people
  • Good Meat means transparency from start to finish.
  • Good Meat means nourishment and community.

Our Mission

We catalyze marketplace innovation, connection, and education across the meat supply chain in order to increase the economic viability and ecological impact of livestock farmers who invest in healthy land, animals, and people. 

Our Vision 

We envision a future where meat is produced ethically and responsibly, by an industry that invests in healthy animals and landscapes, values people all across the food supply chain, and nourishes diverse, well-informed consumers.

How We Work & Who We Work With

The Good Meat® Project (GMP) partners and collaborates with a diverse network of experts, organizations, and businesses from across the globe who are excited to share their knowledge with each other and with others. 

We achieve our mission and vision through education, tool building, knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer learning, and marketplace experimentation and collaboration. In particular, we employ the following approaches with the following audiences:

  • Supporting and bringing together farms, ranches, and brands that raise and/or sell Good Meat through technical assistance, resource libraries, collaborative marketing experimentation, toolkits, peer-to-peer learning, and networking opportunities.
  • Supporting and bringing together butchers, chefs, and other food professionals who have an interest in sourcing, processing, and/or selling Good Meat. We do this via peer-to-peer learning, knowledge exchange, resource libraries, and apprenticeship opportunities and other educational programs.
  • Inspiring consumers to define their own Good Meat values, and to find, buy, and cook meat that aligns with those values, through various forms of online and in-person education.
  • Fostering authentic, long-term partnerships and collaborations with organizations, government agencies, businesses and other entities that are working to better our meat supply chain, and identifying and sharing best practices and emerging strategies that support a thriving Good Meat marketplace.

By sparking experimentation and innovation, by sharing knowledge, by building coalitions, and by empowering change makers, the GMP inspires everyone along the meat supply chain to help build healthy, resilient, responsible, regional meat production systems.

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Our Good Meat Values:

  • Transparency 
  • Inclusivity
  • Empowerment
  • Complexity
  • Collaboration

Read Our Good Meat Manifesto

Our History

The GMP was founded in 2014, by four women: a butcher, a chef, a farmer, and a consumer—Camas Davis, Sarah Wong, Sarah King, and Tanya Harding. Each of these four women met each other many years before through the Portland Meat Collective, an LLC that Camas had opened in 2009 in Portland, Oregon, with the aim of using experiential meat education to teach everyone along the meat supply chain where Good Meat comes from and how best to get it to their tables. In other words, the four founding members of the GMP met while butchering a pig! This shared experience helped shape the original mission of the organization, which was to open source the Meat Collective model across the country. Since then, the GMP has incubated over a dozen independently-owned Meat Collectives across the country, and has advised several dozen existing meat businesses who wish to offer experiential, hands-on meat education. 

Since its early days, the GMP’s mission, vision, and programs have expanded significantly, but it still serves the same people who founded the GMP: butchers, chefs, farmers, and consumers. From the beginning, education, cross-pollination, and collaboration between and among these audiences have been our guiding North stars, all in the name of building a Good Meat movement. 

Our Staff & Board

We are a 501c3 nonprofit. Our staff and board are made up of the very same people our programs are designed for: consumers, farmers, and food professionals.

We built the Good Meat Breakdown as a jumping off point for consumers who want to find, buy and cook Good Meat. Check it out!

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