Good Meat Project

Our Mission

We build pathways to responsible meat production and consumption. 

IMAGE: Cheryl Juetten

Our Vision 

We envision a thoughtful, conscientious culture of meat consumption that supports an ecologically sound, economically viable system of meat production with the capacity to improve our environment, as well as the lives of animals and the people who produce and eat them for food. 

What do we mean when we say Good Meat?

  • Good Meat means caring for land, animals, and people. 
  • Good Meat means transparency from start to finish.
  • Good Meat means nourishment and community. 

Our Approach

We believe the key to changing our meat production system and our culture of meat consumption, is education, or, rather, re-education. By teaching everyone along the food supply chain—from consumers to chefs, butchers, and farmers—how to bring local, humane, responsible meat to the table, the Good Meat™ Project supports thriving, resilient, regional economies of meat production and consumption. The Good Meat Project partners and collaborates with a diverse network of experts, organizations, and businesses from across the globe who are excited to share their knowledge with each other and with others. By sharing knowledge, building coalitions, and empowering change makers, the Good Meat Project inspires everyone along the meat supply chain to help build healthy, resilient, responsible, regional meat production systems.

IMAGE: Cheryl Juetten

Our Good Meat Manifesto:

  • We insist on an honest and transparent approach to meat. 
  • We foster diverse conversations about Good Meat.
  • We honor artisanal and cultural traditions that support Good Meat. 
  • We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills that support Good Meat.
  • We stand with a growing and inclusive network of Good Meat™ ambassadors.

Our Audience & Programs 

We develop in-person and online educational, networking, research, and advocacy opportunities for consumers, farmers/ranchers, chefs, butchers, and other food professionals (or, as we call them eaters, seeders, and feeders). In order to build strong, local, Good Meat™ coalitions, we bring people together from all economic, religious, political, geographical, and ethnic backgrounds to share diverse Good Meat practices and knowledge with one another. Find out more about our projects and programs here.

Our History

The Good Meat™ Project was founded in 2014, by Camas Davis. In 2010, Camas launched the Portland Meat Collective, an LLC in Portland, Oregon with the aim of using experiential education to teach consumers where Good Meat comes from and how best to get it to their tables. In 2014, Camas launched the Good Meat Project with the goal of training individuals and communities across the country to run their own Meat Collectives. Today the Good Meat Project continues to incubate Meat Collectives nationwide, but the organization’s mission has grown significantly, to include a range of programs and resources. 

Our Staff & Board

We are a 501c3 nonprofit. Our staff and board are made up of the very same people our programs are designed for: consumers, farmers, and food professionals.

We built the Good Meat Breakdown as a jumping off point for consumers who want to find, buy and cook Good Meat. Check it out!

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